The skyServer from is an affordable web publishing (content management) system with integrated multilingual capability.

skyPages can be created and maintained over the web by team members around the world. They can be scheduled ("timeLined") for publication on the web at a precise moment. And they can optionally display an automatic footer with navigation to alternate language versions. Scroll down any of the OIL content pages (including this one) to see a working example.

The member database has seven levels of permission for access to documents, none (hidden), read-only, tentative, normal, report, editing, and administrate (publish).

The skyServer automatically archives all past versions of a timeLined skyPage, and provides optional navigation to archived pages.

skyBuilders timeLines technology can run on your web site or at a web hosting service. skyServer can operate as a staging server to prepare pages for a production site, or it can serve your "live" web site. If you run a skyServer at your facility, it integrates smoothly with your existing relational database management system. This gives you access to all the backend database information.

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