Translation Memory Tools

Translation Memory software promises that you will never have to translate the same word (or phrase, or sentence, or paragraph) twice. It puts everything you translate into a data structure that sits in the background of your editor (Microsoft Word, for example) and prompts you when it finds a match or near match translation for the current work. Exchange of TM data is possible between some systems using the TMX interchange standard.

A great place to start to learn about Translation Memory tools is's CAT center. There you will find links to articles on Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) theory, comparisons of the major TM tools, and sources for several TM tools specialized in certain languages. Registered members vote to rate the various tools. Major TM tool manufacturers advertise on, and they offer discounts to members (membership itself is free).

Translation Memory Tools

Atril Dj Vu

IBM Translation Manager


MultiCorpora MultiTrans

SDL International SDLX

Star Transit

Trados Translator's Workbench

Trans Suite 2000


Terminology Management Tools

Dj Vu

IBM Translation Manager




Star TermStar

Trados MultiTerm

Trans Suite 2000


Auxiliary Tools

Lingo Translator's Assistant glossary management software

Other lists of tools

Cecila Falk's Tool Box

Gabe Bokor's Translation Software page at Translation Journal

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