Best Multilingual Sites

What are some example sites which serve multi-lingual pages? Do they recognize the browser language request?

There are many multi-lingual sites, but most ask you to choose your language from their home page. Few respond to your browser settings for a preferred language. The best site for responding is Google. Some others who do are Lexicool (home of Lingo glossary tool, in English, French, Italian, and Spanish), Alis Technologies (French and English), and planetarySales (in English, German, and Japanese).
An Apache 2.0 web server default installation supports several languages. Your browser must be set to a non-English language to see these work.

Do you know of some exemplary multilingual sites that we should list? Send us their URLs.

Are there any documents about the web that are translated into several languages as a guide for someone doing localization of web pages?

The Lernout & Hauspie and Berlitz GlobalNET web pages are available with brief amounts of aligned text in many languages. Logos has about 10 languages. None of these respond to the browser language request.

Bill Dunlap's Global Reach site is localized in nine languages.

Arlene H. Rinaldi's Netiquette User Guidelines is available in ten languages.

Kevin Werbach's Bare Bones Guide to HTML has been translated into more than twenty languages. Multilingual names for all the HTML elements are here.

Other HTML manuals in various languages (by different authors) contain lots of web terminology.

HTML Manual in French
HTML Manual in German
HTML Manual in Spanish
HTML Manual in Portuguese

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